What is Seofessor and Seoman or What does a Seofessor Doctor do?

We are all learning new terms as internet evolves. Now it's time to take a look at two different terms: That's to say, Seofessor and Seoman proficiencies. In fact, as you can imagine those two words are almost the same. They both imply people who are keen on SEO searches and implementation. But why is this so important in today's internet era? First let's look at some basics and then proceed to the importance of seofessor or seoism.


Basics of backlinks

Backlinks are simply clickable links from other sites or pages that linked through your site or your particular link. They also help search engines “find” your site easily.

In general, main concept is not to search out, but give references to other sites. The higher a site or a page has many backlinks, the more probability of being indexed by search engines. Backlinks can create a natural, organic links to your site and are given due relevance to the content or referred to the relevant content.


WYRINWYG - What you read is not what you get

For the last two months, I spent quite a messy time surfing, or lets be honest, rushing for e-gold. I want you who is reading these lines as of now about be aware of a brand new approach of mine. That's called: WYRINWYG to the masses.