Windows 8.1 "Blue" Release Date for download to is October 17

Microsost will release WÄ°ndows 8.1 download update on Thursday, October the 17th. for already Windows 8 owners. But official release via digital download a clean copy of Windows 8.1 will be one day later, that's to say on 18th of October.


iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are out with and without contracts

Since the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are out, I'd like to outline iPhone 5S prices in various countries:


More than 43.000 visitors watched Oscar nominaions 2001 announcement online

Oscar nominations 2011 has been outlined. And it has attracted tens of thousands of people online for the live coverage of the event which took place at 8:39 am EST. Since there'll be zillions of sites listing and talking about the oscar 2011 nominations, I decided to stick to some online live viewers stats. Here's my findings:


Eric Schmidth is giving away his Ceo title to co-founder Larry Page, keeping himself only Chairman of Google

Eric Schmidth has posted only 5 blog posts so far via Official Google Blog pages. Or one may say he has contributed to blog world only 5 times. This last one is the sixth. The other 5 posts which are all posted by Eric Schmidth are as follows:


Here are some interesting brochure photos of Asus Wavi Xtion and Asus Xtion Pro

These photos have been distributed to audiences during CES 2011. But however, Asus Wavi Xtion and Asus Xtion Pro release date and price is still not officially announced as of January 2011. Take a look at these shots. Please not that, according to these publications now we can answer these questions:


Asus -as promised- introduced Eee Pad Slider, Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad MeMO and Eee Slate EP121 at Ces 2011

Among these tablets, only Eee Slate EP121 will run on Windows 7. Others are all Android 3.0 tablets, which yet to be announced. Ok but can we call it even against Apple's iPad? Not excatly for Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets should be available no before than June 2011.

Kinemote is the prime reason for Primesense and Asus partnership in Wavi Xtion

As PrimeSense and Asus announced their partnership for Wavi Xtion and Xtion Pro, Kinemote deservers a second look to see the reason behind this deal. Kinemote is an open source tool that has been punched in with the help of Primesense to bring Kinect like sensing out of Xbox platform.


Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO will replace Kinect in PC platform powered by Asus and Primesense

Asus and PrimeSense teamed up for a new era for Kinect like sensing devices in order to bring some 3D sensing leisure to your living room with Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO. For your consideration, PrimeSense is the brutal sensing force behind Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing device for Xbox platform.

Dell's ST2220 21.5-inch LCD is like a multi touch baby

Computer giant Dell has shouted out loud whit its new LCD monitor, namely ST2220 21.5-inch multi touch LCD. It is already available via Dell Online Store. It has a resolution of 1920x1080 and ready to boost all kinds of HD content with its HDMI interface, but guys still stuck ad VGA and DVI-D are also welcome.


Adobe Photoshop's CS6 Texture Aware Filter rocks

You must have already heard Adobe's flagship product Photoshop's upcoming CS5 suite (Creative Suite 5). It has a brilliant filter called “Content aware filter” which generates closest environment pixels when cleaning up some area. Results are really awesome according to newly published sneak peak Youtube Video. Just choose an area to be interpolated or cleaned up, then apply content aware filter and see the final picture as if it is totally a new one but has been reproduced by guessing the closest pixels to the borders of the pre-chosen area. Here's a before-after example: