Google Chrome is ready to go!

Google's much anticipated so called operating system Chrome OS Beta is ready to be downloaded. According to Google's announcement, the new OS is based on Linux and using Gnome 2.24 as desktop environment. Here's Google's official announcement with my comments at the end:

Why blogging is becoming popular?

Because it is a mirror effect of true human mind. No ghosting at all (or to some extent). In general, bloggers out there share their own experiences with any kind of subject they are up to. That's the real root of attraction. It's like a columnist working for him/herself, not for a regular type of media.

Check back soon to see more and more content in this blog about various types of technological experiences of both mine, my friends' and others'. I promise to be mostly honest :)

Real time search to the masses

In search egnine business, indexing web sites are done through search bots. But how often do these artificial intelligence creatures visit the sites? Every second? For some sites, yes, major search engines assign some of their bots as a full time employee and get the newly added content back to headquarters for every second the site updates. Google and Microsoft's Bing have this already. But now it's time for Yahoo to join the party.


Windows 7 is out, now what?

Now that we have Windows 7 available worldwide, now it's time whether we should switch or not? But before giving a decision, go check out that funny commercial from the hillarious "I'm a pc and I'm a mac" series.


Half a billion Skypers out there

VoIP is gaining momentum day by day. The figures prove it. Ebay has announced that its best investment ever, namely Skyp has surpassed half a billion users, reaching 521.000 subscriptions since its launch.


Wanna play soccer (virtually and online of course)?

Soccer's global governing body FIFA, gaming software-maker Electronic Arts and Sony Corp's PlayStation announced the start of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2010 (FIWC10) season on Tuesday.


Apple Tablet to be produced by Foxconn

Today Digitems approved that, long awaited Apple Tablet's manufacturing process has took off with ongoing negotiations between Apple and Foxconn.


WMware Fusion 3 is ready to rock Windows 7 on Mac OS X

VMware Fusion 3, that helps us run Windows on Intel Macs, will be available worldwide on October 27 2009 with more than 50 additions to its successor WMware 2 and quite full Windows 7 functionality.

External HDDs goes under water

A-Data is shipping the industry's first ever waterproof and shock resistant portable HDD, named A-Data SH93 Portable HDD.

Time is ticking for virus hunters: MSE on the rise

Microsoft's last entry to software market threatens anti-virus makers. Microsoft Security Essentials promises hassle free surfing,