Digital shaving mirror

While surfing the net, I've come up with this genius idea. If there's no mirror, then create one using available technologies at home, forming a sort of digital mirror for your self. Get a camcorder, connect it to a pc (and a monitor) for a bigger viewing experience and do the stuff you ought to do like shaving or make up.
The only tiny little problems with this invention are: A- Mirroring technology is not functioning properly. While you're shaving your left cheek, you see your right cheek. It's totally troublesome. The image needs to be horizontally mirrored in real time. B- Where the hell is water if you are not using a shaver machine?


Eset is confusing. Is it Nod32, Nod33 or Nod34?

If you're confused with anti virus stuff out there for your online security, then you haven't seen this car yet. Relax and pay attention to the back windows stickker and plate of the car. This picture was taken by a friend of mine while he was in between a heavy traffic and I'm authorised to use it. Thanks buddy :)


Which one is bigger, a netbook or a 50” widescreen TV?

How big is your small netbook? Although netbooks are easy to carry, fun to work devices, they lack dimension and require more attention while typing. But their varying dimensional monitors hide one concrete truth. Yes size matters for some specific cases but netbook monitors are not as small as they seem from a distant. Here's why?


Bank of Nikolai: A stunning warning about our online security

Thanks to Norton for producing such a brilliant commercial regarding online security. For those who have no idea what phishing is, it's simply transferring your money or passwords or sensitive data to those banks like the one Nikolai has. Just have a look at this video.

How I saved my notebook from a bottle of soda water?

Here's my solution to recover from a water damage on my laptop. Recently, I poured almost half of a bottle of soda water right over the keyboard of my notebook (or laptop). Well I'm just jumping the incident steps as the cap was supposed to be closed but apparently it wasn't. Shame on me.


Copenhagen wheel: Why is it so special?

Some genius guys in MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT Senseable City Lab have developed a stunning wheel which can operate itself if you use your brakes while riding. Having almost the same concept with hybrid cars out there, this wheel can store energy into its battery operated motor inside when braking power is about to applied. Commercial products need to be matured a little bit; let's say a couple of years? Who knows...


What are your technology fears?

These are the top 10 brand new additions to phobia all related to technology. Scientists will definitely look for a cure for each one. I hope you enjoy my latest phobias all based on true stories :)
  1. Aerocrackophobia: Fear of wifi hack. Ever heard of Aircrack? Well you should go check it and reconsider how safe it is to prefer WEP on your wireless networks.
  2. Gigaphobia: Fear of exceeding download limit (via 3G? so likely)


The naked truth about iPad

The new iPad from Apple is definitely not a netbook replacement but it is obvious that, large multi touch screen will kick some butts when it is about to launch. Especially freedom to surf the web with wifi or 3G where applicable will let iPad lovers carry this shiny electronics toy wherever they go on the long run. But, PC enthusiasts who want to run power applications will find it lacking.