Adobe Photoshop's CS6 Texture Aware Filter rocks

You must have already heard Adobe's flagship product Photoshop's upcoming CS5 suite (Creative Suite 5). It has a brilliant filter called “Content aware filter” which generates closest environment pixels when cleaning up some area. Results are really awesome according to newly published sneak peak Youtube Video. Just choose an area to be interpolated or cleaned up, then apply content aware filter and see the final picture as if it is totally a new one but has been reproduced by guessing the closest pixels to the borders of the pre-chosen area. Here's a before-after example:


How fast are you?

An other funny tech geek photoshopped image I had come across lately via Kuvaton. I've just added a little bit height :) Scroll down to see the real humor.


Wikipedia went down for 1 hour, accused overheating of servers

Word’s largest data farm, Wikipedia couldn’t stand the overwhelming heat of global warming. As Mark from Wikimedia stated in Technical Blog pages of Wikimedia, some servers in Europe seemed to be melt down by excessive heat caused by unknown sources (Global warming? Who knows).
Their official announcement can be found in this link. If you are lazy to surf that site, here’s the full transcription:


Logitech Wireless Keyboard has a dialpad

Thanks to Logitech for this wonderful wireless keyboard with a dialpad.

Nokia 3310: Blast from the past

This is a picture taken from an e-bay style site called sahibinden.com. Due to its uniqueness and stylish features, it has become a hit in a very short time. Since the features in the sale is not in English, I tried to translate them in here with my comments in parenthesis:


10 Best Remote connection software for your needs

Connect remote pc and use it as if you are sitting right in front of its keyboard. Remote connection is something you either do not need for ever or use it very often. No in between. So having said that all of these, I've compiled a list of 10 handy tools for remotely connection lovers. And for the honor of the last one, just show your condolences for a second. Here's a quick list of totally free software that you can connect your pc remotely from anywhere in the world.


Green gadgets come to the rescue

What is a green gadget actually? The one made of re-cycling materials or the one with less energy consuming and less pollution parameters? Well, you name it. It's true for both scenarios. However this piece of cardboard computer case is lot more greener than its competitors. Owner of this cardboard computer has submitted this work for a design contest based on “Go greener” theme in a contest held by Greener Gadgets. It is called Recompute Sustainable Desktop Computer. It's ment to be sustainable during manufacturing, use and disposal as stated by Brenden Macaluso.


Understanding Google Apps Marketplace in ten steps

Google has opened its doors of Apps Marketplace to the masses. While news are rolling around and RSS feeds are getting darker about this, I thought it will be helpful for those who want to do use the shortcut to understand the basics of this platform. So here's my Google Apps Marketplace facts in 10 steps.

Remember this person?

This picture is from GuideBookGallery, a site which belongs to Marcin Wichary. It simply reminds me of early computeched days of life. It's almost 25 years from now and I just can not think of what people were doing without so much tech gadgets.


The secret behind Apple iPad commercial aired in Oscars

What happens when advertisers become players just like in the iPad commercial aired during Academy Awards – 2010? Well the quickest answer is this: You get a bit of what they are up to in their daily life and if you are lucky or careful enough, you find mind blowing sources as a bonus if you dig the net by the book. And if the commercial you will dig is about an Apple's brand new product – iPad, then you may have the chance so stare to the people behind this so called creative product. Here's how:


I see dugg people!

Inspired by the Oscars and 24 and Sixth Sense. Here's a parody of mine about social bookmarking related to Digg. All images are copyrighted by their respectfull owners, and my digital work is totally copylefted, feel free to share..

Download Printable Oscar Ballot, print it and track your bets

I have just come up with this useful tool to track your Oscar 2010 standings. Printable Oscar Ballot can be downloaded from this link. Though Avatar seems to make a landslide over the Academy rewards, be prepared for full of surprises. Not: This post has been typed even before Red Carpet ceremony took off. Thanks to internet and Google trends for letting me find this piece of pdf file. Will help a lot for sure!


Nvidia GeForce 196.75 WHQL is the latest weapon for blowing VGA card

 Just in case you haven't heard of it; Nvidia's less than a week old new driver set Nvidia GeForce 196.75 WHQL has been pulled of due to incoming complains from consumers who scream like a hell showing their burnt VGA cards as proof of their anxiety. Before hand, this driver set was advertised as providing a 30% increase in performance. Well speed does not always shine, it may sometimes smoke as well. Till Nvidia comes up with a solution, keep your previous drivers up and running. Things happen, this tiny little problem for VGA world but a huge nightmare for burnt VGA card holders will make those manufacturers more responsible for sure. Let's wait and see what happens next.

Anatomy of Apple Design by TransparentHouse

 When it comes to design in technology, there's no doubt that Aplle is a leading pioneer as setting the limits in technological design trends. Here's a short video made by Transparent House in order to reflect some milestones of Apple during the last 34 years of its existence. At the end of the video you can see the list of the products being shown in the video but just in case, I've again grabbed them in here. Have fun.


Microsoft says don't press F1 unless we tell you so

A recent bug found by a Polish researcher Maurycy Prodeus in Windows XP clearly indicates that, some sort of malicious codes may take control of Windows XP machines via Visual Basic or VB scripts when the F1 key is pressed. This action has the possibility to invoke .hlp file associated with the script. But the real story behind this bug may be as tricky as the bug. Here's why:

Top 10 lawsuits that included Apple in history

As Apple sues HTC news are rolling around the net, here you can find a top ten lawsuits that Apple was an actor both claiming patent infringements or being claimed to violate many. Also some wtf facts are in the list for your information.


Multi functional tablet laptop design by Yavuz Cengiz

 When it comes to design, technology trends are almost borderless. Here's a wonderful example of an ergonomic tablet laptop - notebook computer design which was awarded by Turkish Office.of Asus. Keyboard is aligned with respect to natual hand position but wasn't it tried and found faulty before by Microsoft's so called ergonomic keyboard? I don't mind. What I care is detachable screen which makes this tablet pc a member of an other era, which is not today's obviously.


IO and MN Appliance Rebate Program are promising a green future

Minnesota and Iowa Appliance Rebate programs have proved it wrong. We do care about our - pocket - world. Very first results have almost zero accomplishment but sometimes even the lowest number tells the whole story. Rebate programs aimed at pushing gren energy products to the masses that were planned to be take off back in 2009 have hit a milestone today. Both Iowans and Minnesotans woke up today to apply for their newer, greener energy efficient freezer or dishwasher or clothwasher or even refrigerator but it seems this public rush has to be delayed to a later morning.

Next generation Wall-E 2.0 exposed, now with 3D capability

Panasonic's brand new Full HD 3D camera design seems like a blast from the past, namely a blast from our lovely robot Wall-E. What happens when we merge them? Here's the answer with step by step guide :)

PSN and PS3 networks are down, what else were down in the past?

PSN or Play Station Network went down globally due to a glitch which affected all PS3 and PS2 owners but PS3 Slimmers were far beyond trouble according to Twitter tweats. Users were getting 8001050f error code message when they tried to connect to the world famous online network. This is not the only network suffering a connectivity glitch. Google's Gmail service was also suffered some sort of login errors just a couple of months ago and millions were affected by the couse. While PSN has been to undergo this, I've compiled a small list of major glitches of all times in the online history.
  • Twitter went down on 6th of August 2009
  • Google went down in 2004
  • CNN.com, Yahoo.com, Ebay.com went down on 6th of February 2000
  • Hotmail went down when Microsoft forgot to renew its passport.com domain in 1999


Digital shaving mirror

While surfing the net, I've come up with this genius idea. If there's no mirror, then create one using available technologies at home, forming a sort of digital mirror for your self. Get a camcorder, connect it to a pc (and a monitor) for a bigger viewing experience and do the stuff you ought to do like shaving or make up.
The only tiny little problems with this invention are: A- Mirroring technology is not functioning properly. While you're shaving your left cheek, you see your right cheek. It's totally troublesome. The image needs to be horizontally mirrored in real time. B- Where the hell is water if you are not using a shaver machine?


Eset is confusing. Is it Nod32, Nod33 or Nod34?

If you're confused with anti virus stuff out there for your online security, then you haven't seen this car yet. Relax and pay attention to the back windows stickker and plate of the car. This picture was taken by a friend of mine while he was in between a heavy traffic and I'm authorised to use it. Thanks buddy :)


Which one is bigger, a netbook or a 50” widescreen TV?

How big is your small netbook? Although netbooks are easy to carry, fun to work devices, they lack dimension and require more attention while typing. But their varying dimensional monitors hide one concrete truth. Yes size matters for some specific cases but netbook monitors are not as small as they seem from a distant. Here's why?


Bank of Nikolai: A stunning warning about our online security

Thanks to Norton for producing such a brilliant commercial regarding online security. For those who have no idea what phishing is, it's simply transferring your money or passwords or sensitive data to those banks like the one Nikolai has. Just have a look at this video.

How I saved my notebook from a bottle of soda water?

Here's my solution to recover from a water damage on my laptop. Recently, I poured almost half of a bottle of soda water right over the keyboard of my notebook (or laptop). Well I'm just jumping the incident steps as the cap was supposed to be closed but apparently it wasn't. Shame on me.


Copenhagen wheel: Why is it so special?

Some genius guys in MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT Senseable City Lab have developed a stunning wheel which can operate itself if you use your brakes while riding. Having almost the same concept with hybrid cars out there, this wheel can store energy into its battery operated motor inside when braking power is about to applied. Commercial products need to be matured a little bit; let's say a couple of years? Who knows...


What are your technology fears?

These are the top 10 brand new additions to phobia all related to technology. Scientists will definitely look for a cure for each one. I hope you enjoy my latest phobias all based on true stories :)
  1. Aerocrackophobia: Fear of wifi hack. Ever heard of Aircrack? Well you should go check it and reconsider how safe it is to prefer WEP on your wireless networks.
  2. Gigaphobia: Fear of exceeding download limit (via 3G? so likely)


The naked truth about iPad

The new iPad from Apple is definitely not a netbook replacement but it is obvious that, large multi touch screen will kick some butts when it is about to launch. Especially freedom to surf the web with wifi or 3G where applicable will let iPad lovers carry this shiny electronics toy wherever they go on the long run. But, PC enthusiasts who want to run power applications will find it lacking.


What is Seofessor and Seoman or What does a Seofessor Doctor do?

We are all learning new terms as internet evolves. Now it's time to take a look at two different terms: That's to say, Seofessor and Seoman proficiencies. In fact, as you can imagine those two words are almost the same. They both imply people who are keen on SEO searches and implementation. But why is this so important in today's internet era? First let's look at some basics and then proceed to the importance of seofessor or seoism.


Basics of backlinks

Backlinks are simply clickable links from other sites or pages that linked through your site or your particular link. They also help search engines “find” your site easily.

In general, main concept is not to search out, but give references to other sites. The higher a site or a page has many backlinks, the more probability of being indexed by search engines. Backlinks can create a natural, organic links to your site and are given due relevance to the content or referred to the relevant content.


WYRINWYG - What you read is not what you get

For the last two months, I spent quite a messy time surfing, or lets be honest, rushing for e-gold. I want you who is reading these lines as of now about be aware of a brand new approach of mine. That's called: WYRINWYG to the masses.