WMware Fusion 3 is ready to rock Windows 7 on Mac OS X

VMware Fusion 3, that helps us run Windows on Intel Macs, will be available worldwide on October 27 2009 with more than 50 additions to its successor WMware 2 and quite full Windows 7 functionality.

The announcement came from WMware today, citing a huge step forward in virtual machines.

The new version (aka WMware 3.0) has:
  • Optimized solution for Snow Leopard
  • Has Windows 7 under a handy environment
  • Supports DirectX 9.0c under Windows
  • Can run Windows apps in tabular Mac OS X interface
  • Last but not least, can transfer all Windows apps, files, settings via local or remote network. Sounds great!
WMware can also run Linux OSes under Mac.

All images are courtesy of WMware

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