How I saved my notebook from a bottle of soda water?

Here's my solution to recover from a water damage on my laptop. Recently, I poured almost half of a bottle of soda water right over the keyboard of my notebook (or laptop). Well I'm just jumping the incident steps as the cap was supposed to be closed but apparently it wasn't. Shame on me.Day 0: Soda water has been poured all over the keyboard of my laptop. It feels like aching.
Step 1: Disconnected my laptop from electricity immediately and removed the battery. It was painful to see some moisture inside the battery house. I want to cry.
Step 2: I used toilet paper and paper towel to dissipate any water droplets from the keyboard and put my laptop upside down as the keyboard was facing my table.

Day 1:
After waiting almost 24 hours, I decided to give it a shot and connected the power cord only. I pressed the power button and holly s...!!! My laptop was beeping continuously. I even didn't see the boot up screen. Turned it off, removed the power cord and forgot my laptop.

Day 2: More than 48 hours have been passed. Should I try again? YES!!!. Connected the power cord and pressed the power button. It seemed like it's time to google for technical help when I heard those annoying beeps again which were shouting like “I'm drowning here, where the hell are you my dear?”.

Day 3:
Before calling for professional help, which may cost me a fortune to fix it, I decided to give it an other shot. Connected the power cord and pushed that button with praying inside. Walla!!! Boot up was ok. I saw the starting Microsoft Windows animated logo and yes, I was at my desktop screen. How come it was so easy? Never begin cheering till you see you're typing!!! Yes I could see my desktop but something was strange. I got the clue when I just opened a browser window. My keyboard was on auto pressing millions of “zero”s (000000000000000.........). Ops. Sorry my dear laptop but I need to shut you down again.

Day 4:
Desperately I tried again. And those auto pressing zeros were smiling me in my face again. Let me wait for an other day before googling for help.

Day 5: Whenever I decide to google, my laptop made an other step through a success but never showed up as it was right before I split soda water on it. That's why today my laptop seemed to be working for about 5 minutes. And then guess what? Auto-pilot zeros have advanced (or de-advanced) to a next level together with small a. When in caps lock or when pressing shift, instead of zeros, it was keeping auto-piloting parenthesis. Was it the case from the start? I will never know that.

Day 6:
Almost a week is in the past and I could only use my laptop for surfing purposes, as long as my sites are in my bookmark list, they were ok. But accessing the sites by typing were like nerve cracking. I needed to fight with zeroz. Deleting them, clicking a non text field in the page, trying this for a dozen times were just for those who know the meaning of patience very well.

Day 7: “No, I will not touch you today” said the desperate voice of mine.

Day 8:
Yes it was time to google around to see what others were saying. There were plenty of suggestions which almost all of them require expert and screwdriver techniques. So I tried to give  it a shot but I would stick to my own techniques. I removed all the plastic letters from keyboard. This process requires strict attention. There are too tiny clips and they can easily be broken. My two fingers were aching after that hard work. I removed them and put the sort of naked laptop wide open at large hoping to have a quick dry keyboard.

Day 9: I had to skip this day for some personal matters. I couldn't find time to touch my laptop.

Day 10: Let's have a look to see where am I. My possibilities are limited. I'd either be happy or give it a shot by looking for some brand new laptops out there. Guess what? My laptop started up well but after 10 or 15 minutes of uptime again annoying zeroz were there. What's going on? Now back to basics about some chemistry and physics 101. My best guess was as follows: There was still moisture inside the keyboard. When the laptop was getting hotter, that moisture was evaporating and somehow short circuiting my keyboards microscopic wires. To create a good ventilation I decided to remove the back cover also. Since my laptop has already been aged for claiming a warranty check, I all removed warranty stickers and unscrewed all. Let's wait one more day this way. Ops. Just a tiny reminder: You need to have a proper screwdriver to remove all the tiny screws.

Day 11: Skipped this way on purpose. I didn't want to see those zeros again.

Day 12: Deal or not day. I just made a quick test by attaching power cord and turning on power. Everything seemed fine for about half an hour. I left the cursor at address bar and autopilot zeroz were not in the vicinity at all. I couldn't use my laptop as the letters were not mounted yet. Would do that the other day.

Day 13: I must have screwed up. I mounted all the letter keys back to their place and turned my laptop on. Yes, all systems were up and running except A, S and M. I couldn't type those capital letters by pressing shift key. How on earth can this happen? Anyway, I'm pretty happy for this issue. Better than nothing.

Day 14: Almost two weeks have been in the past. My soda watered laptop seems to work pretty well except the issue I mentioned yesterday. What I have learned from this experience?

A: If somehow you split water on your keyboard, your rescue 101 mission for watered keyboard must be removal of your keys from your keyboard. Do not wait as I did till day.8.

B: Keep a proper screwdriver handy. You're not expected to have one but just in case. Loosing one day to get one is not the end of the world.

C: First action is always life saving. If you drop your laptop to the pool, you may not be so lucky, but removing the battery and power cord immediately should be your first attempt.

D: There are many solutions out there. And thanks god, most of them offers natural ways of drying. Using heaters or air ventilators may make things worse. Water droplets or moisture trapped inside has to find a way to get outside. Using those devices do not help this. You have to open appropriate escape routes for trapped water. I mean opening the back cover is a must.

E: Good luck if you experience the same water problems like me. I managed to return back to normal, except those 3 keys.

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