Which one is bigger, a netbook or a 50” widescreen TV?

How big is your small netbook? Although netbooks are easy to carry, fun to work devices, they lack dimension and require more attention while typing. But their varying dimensional monitors hide one concrete truth. Yes size matters for some specific cases but netbook monitors are not as small as they seem from a distant. Here's why?

A netbook is really small. There is almost no room to store your desktop folders if you have dozens of them. Keyboard of a netbook? It's not right to say it is too small but letters are so tight. You must be a keyboard sniper to shoot the correct points of the keys. On an actual desktop keyboard you are free to make hitting errors worth of 0.5 inch but on netbook keyboards you have to be precise as much as 0.2 inch or you better go and look up the meaning of “precision” at first hand. But in between all this chaotic dimension problems, I've found out one huge giant component of a typical netbook. It's simply the monitor.

What's hidden in a typical netbook monitor? Well, it's motion picture capability of course. To prove this, let's stick to a netbook of 10” in size. If you're sitting in front of your desk or sitting on a couch, you will probably be 30 inches away from it. Now keep in mind that 10 and 30 inches.

Go and explore your living room. Do you have a big flat screen? No need to say a yes. National statistics show that we do have at least a 20” TV in our houses, up to 50.inch.

Ok, now move on to our next question. How far away are you sitting from your TV? Let's say an average of 150 inches. Please note that I'm not using feet stuff. Let's just live with inches for a short while.

Now calculus 101 tells us that we can make a proportion from 30 inch to 150 inch with 10 inch to 50 inch. Are you satisfied with this magnif(ying)icent result? Your 10” netbook has the same visual capability as your 50” TV. Period.

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