The secret behind Apple iPad commercial aired in Oscars

What happens when advertisers become players just like in the iPad commercial aired during Academy Awards – 2010? Well the quickest answer is this: You get a bit of what they are up to in their daily life and if you are lucky or careful enough, you find mind blowing sources as a bonus if you dig the net by the book. And if the commercial you will dig is about an Apple's brand new product – iPad, then you may have the chance so stare to the people behind this so called creative product. Here's how:

In this blog, dx4100.blogspot.com, I always take care of uniqe content and try to be helpful to others whenever I see a hot spot out there related to my personal interests. But this time I will share my findings about some other interests that belong to some creative guys out there.

Ted Kapusta is back again
My story begins with seeing the iPad commercial on some tech blogs. Shortly after the Academy Rewards – 2010 ceremony, Apple also made it online and that was the time I've noticed something strange in the commercial. It was a fast flip between a man and a woman who were using the device in the commercial. Just at the 22th second, where I believe it is woman's turn, she checks her e-mails and scrolls down the list of received mails. That was that moment I've thought I've seen something familiar. It was Ted Kapusta. That guy has sent a mail to pick him up from airport to the owner of the account that was signed in iPad commercial. Ted Kapusta as far as I know is working in advertising industry and he is a copywriter. I remember this name when I searched the net in order to find people behind Apple iPhone commercials.

When I met Ted again, I just wanted to make Google searches on other guys whose names were clearly visible in the iPad commercials. Here I go down the list:

Ted Kapusta: Ever wondered who is writing those fancy words for Apple? Probably Ted is in charge. And I'm curious whether he was picked up from the airport or not on that January morning.
Nathan Iverson: This guy is an art director. His mail in the commercial is about his vacation photos. You can see the link of his photos under Apple's Mobileme Gallery. I will not give direct link. Go back to the commercial and look with your naked eyes.
Teddy Phuong: This guys is like a ghost. Can be jumped out of any social site with a different nick name. He seems to be a creative mind and yes he is related to Apple closely. Apart from several creative design resources I've discovered using his foot prints in the net, this tiny little statue reveals his connection with Apple.
Heather Scafidi: Sorry mam, you are apparently not related to Apple at all unless the company you work for is also providing some sort o footage for Apple. And by the way, god bless that new arrived baby you're mentioning in your e-mail.
Perrin Raushc: He is an agency producer and he is organizing a BBQ party in the weekend.
Anne Oburgh: She is also an agency producer probably at the same firm as Perrin is working.
Elena Hale: She is also working at an agency which I believe produce commercials for Apple.

And this is the end of the list. In fact that list goes on. I wish I could grab the owner of the account used in that specific iPad commercial. I assume the name begins with J.

What I've learned from this commercial and its contents?
  • I saw Ok Go's glorious new video clip on vimeo
  • I've found about that apple statue that is visible on the top of this post
  • I've discovered a heavy loaded design related sites
  • I've seen some seriously competitive commercials
  • I've seen and surprised to see some sketches of paper products, the ones which are still in sketch mode, do not have a body yet, but very creative. Now I have no doubt judging how these guys create new trends for Apple.
Well this is the end of the post: I'm repeating the title: The secret behind Apple iPad commercial aired in Oscars. And the answer iiiiiiiis: People behind Apple iPad commercial revealed themselves in an innocent way and made their ceremony right at Academy Awards. Congrats

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