Understanding Google Apps Marketplace in ten steps

Google has opened its doors of Apps Marketplace to the masses. While news are rolling around and RSS feeds are getting darker about this, I thought it will be helpful for those who want to do use the shortcut to understand the basics of this platform. So here's my Google Apps Marketplace facts in 10 steps.

1- What is Google Apps marketplace?
It's a cloud computing platform for buying or selling web based services for the masses. It is being managed by Google's cloud platform. It basically helps a business owner outsource its hardware and network requirements to run its software or services. In fact Google has already deployed this system since a couple of years ago and was running its own services but on March 9th it has just opened its doors to the globe; meaning you can too send them your software to be listed on Google Apps marketplace only if it is approved. You can sell or give it for free (in order to drive traffic or genereate leads to your other services).

2- Who can benefit from this apps marketplace?
Anyone but some conditions apply. Your project has to be approved by Googling geeks of Apps Marketplace.

3- Is it something useful?
Hell yes. You won't need to buy extra hardware or network to sell your services. Instead, Google's cloud computing platform will be there for you to handle them all.

4- Wait, I'm just a surfer. How is it useful for me?
Well, go and search for free services. Right now, Aviary Design Suite is offering its design templates for free. You can even create your own Avatar - Navi style portrait with this suite. Otherwise there's nothing special for you in it.

5-How much does it cost?
As a welcome party, as far as I see, most of the services come with a free trial. But cost varies according to the services after trial period expires. Take DimDim example. It's two months free; and it is an application environment for browser based online video conferencing. Seems like yummy but becomes sour when it charges you starting from $19.90 per month (considering you are still just a surfer around).

6- Hey I mean how much does it cost to sell something?
Ops. Sorry; here you go: Google App Marketplace says: "There is a non-refundable $100 fee for your first listing. There is no charge for subsequent listings".And furthermore, you have to share your revenues with Google. Like 20% of your revenues will be Google's as clouding fees. But there's more addons on top of that. Please chek Payment Policy link.

7- What if I'm a newbie?
You are also welcome. Google App team have prepared a Youtube video for that. Try to understand it at a glance.

8- This page seems tricky, any more detailed information on this?
You bet! Go to Offical Google Blog and look for the links at the end of the article. There are dozens of links, but you need to try harder to find howstuff works style infomatics. Good luck.

9- How much money will they make out of it?
Are you Turkish or something? Cause I remember people making same discussions even in the entrance queue of Eıffel Tower in Paris who are all Turkish. Coming to your question: It's far beyond your imagination if rivals fail to respond fast.

10- Are you selling something in this marketplace?
Nope. And hopefully will not based on my current occupation :)

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