Real time search to the masses

In search egnine business, indexing web sites are done through search bots. But how often do these artificial intelligence creatures visit the sites? Every second? For some sites, yes, major search engines assign some of their bots as a full time employee and get the newly added content back to headquarters for every second the site updates. Google and Microsoft's Bing have this already. But now it's time for Yahoo to join the party.

 Real time search is a totally new hype. It's apparent that search engines work very hard to index the true content which was submitted just seconds ago. It's something very crucial for news related web site content for sure. And search engines make the decision about which sites to be followed very closely. If you are a frequent forum user, on some forums you must have noticed some users named as Google, Yahoo etc. Yes, for popular forums, these bots act like a member and digg the newly submitted words whether they carry a valuable info or not; and if so, entries or forum pages are indexed rapidly. That's why we come across with tons of forum sites when making searches.

When it's about searching, I generally prefer Google as a top priority. Though you may face lots of buggy pages for what you are looking for, if you are an experienced surfer, the results become more friendly with limiting your search to some specific words. Well, that's really something.
Anyway, keep enjoying real time searches if the results mean something to you. Wish you good searches and less getting losts :)

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  1. Hm well according to me i feel that google search is the best and i love it when i search for some thing even tho if i type wrong wrod it turn's to the right keyword and help's me in finding what i need exactly so i love the service ..... of google :)