What are your technology fears?

These are the top 10 brand new additions to phobia all related to technology. Scientists will definitely look for a cure for each one. I hope you enjoy my latest phobias all based on true stories :)
  1. Aerocrackophobia: Fear of wifi hack. Ever heard of Aircrack? Well you should go check it and reconsider how safe it is to prefer WEP on your wireless networks.
  2. Gigaphobia: Fear of exceeding download limit (via 3G? so likely)
  3. Lattephobia: Fear of getting late for your online date :)
  4. Machophobia: This is a common sense of fear felt by industry wide designers. They know, what ever they create will be thrown away into ashes with the introduction of brand new thrilling designs by Apple (no not the fruit; the plastic and metal one :)
  5. Optiphobia: Fear of Cd-Roms/Dvd, any toptical discs. Patients with optiphobia has a strong fear of their optical discs' cleanliness. No finger print or dust of any kind should be allowed on both faces.
  6. Patrophobia: Fear of being busted by the patrolling BOSS @work while surfing for nonsense (!!!) stuff online.
  7. Passaphobia: Fear of passwords. Passaphobia patients are always afraid of their passwords, thinking they will be hacked. Their computers may open up in less than 1 minute but to reach their welcome screen, a couple of minutes are required for entering multi level passwords even if they are not connected to the internet.
  8. Socionephobia: We are all homosaphiens right? Well, Socionephobi is specifically devoted to the fear of Social saphiens networks. People with Socionephobia has a stunning fear of being exposed in social networks like Facebook, Hi5, Orkun, MSN Live and MySpace as well as many many others.
  9. Viruphobia: Fear of computer viruses. A computer user who has this phobia never opens any attechment in e-mails.
  10. Youtuphobia: It's the branch of psychology that investigates new addiction type to online videos. Patients spend hours of their precious time surfing among rubbish videos and can not take themselves from watching and watching watching... They're in fear of the next video in the queue, thinking that one would be the last video they will have.

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