Adobe Photoshop's CS6 Texture Aware Filter rocks

You must have already heard Adobe's flagship product Photoshop's upcoming CS5 suite (Creative Suite 5). It has a brilliant filter called “Content aware filter” which generates closest environment pixels when cleaning up some area. Results are really awesome according to newly published sneak peak Youtube Video. Just choose an area to be interpolated or cleaned up, then apply content aware filter and see the final picture as if it is totally a new one but has been reproduced by guessing the closest pixels to the borders of the pre-chosen area. Here's a before-after example:

Photo courtesy of http://www.inquisitr.com

In order to play on your own, April's second week needs to be come around. But, and a big one of course, after seeing this really interesting video, you can not stop making wish list for Creative Suite 6 or possibly for a Photoshop CS6 edition which may come and visit your computer next year or so. Here's my own wishlist:

Texture Aware filter: Upgraded and more genius version of Content Aware filter which was introduced in Adobe Photoshop CS5. It just re-generates the pixels according to the selected text area. And the results are more than real. Check it below :)

Before Texture Aware Filter in CS6

After Texture Aware Filter in CS6

While you are reading this, I'm also adding some lines regarding Photoshop's version numbering scheme. Here's the list of Photoshop's all versions that belong to last decade.

Photoshop 7.0
Photoshop 8.0 => CS (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite)
Photoshop 9.0 => CS2 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 2)
Photoshop 10.0 =>CS3 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3)
Photoshop 11.0 =>CS4 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4)

This one is still under development
Photoshop 12.0 =>CS5 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5)

These ones are just imaginations
Photoshop 13.0 =>CS6 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6)
Photoshop 14.0 =>CS7 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 7)
Photoshop 15.0 =>CS8 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 8)
Photoshop 16.0 =>CS9 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 9)
Photoshop 17.0 =>CS10 (Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 10)

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