Dell's ST2220 21.5-inch LCD is like a multi touch baby

Computer giant Dell has shouted out loud whit its new LCD monitor, namely ST2220 21.5-inch multi touch LCD. It is already available via Dell Online Store. It has a resolution of 1920x1080 and ready to boost all kinds of HD content with its HDMI interface, but guys still stuck ad VGA and DVI-D are also welcome.

According to Dell, 178/178 degrees view angles representing horisontal and vertical aspects let you watch and touch your LCD monitor from almost any side. That's said, those who prefer to use this fancy LCD monitor comes with a so called oleophobix protective layer. This layer is supposed to leave no blueprints of your fingertips but do not trust that one if you know what does CSI mean.

Dynamic contrast ratio is said to be 50.000:1, thanks to Dell's meaningfull numbers. It could have been millions. Brightness, which is the main factor of viewing pleasure is only 250 nits and response time is quite fast for a mutli touch piece: 8ms.

However, multi touch capabilities may vary according to your feeling taste. At the end of the day, Dell ST2220 21.5-inch LCD is not an iPad afterall. So you will only be performing clicking or dragging with your bare fingers. Or just use it as in the old days.

Dell's ST2220 21.5-inch LCD is priced at $310. 

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