10 Best Remote connection software for your needs

Connect remote pc and use it as if you are sitting right in front of its keyboard. Remote connection is something you either do not need for ever or use it very often. No in between. So having said that all of these, I've compiled a list of 10 handy tools for remotely connection lovers. And for the honor of the last one, just show your condolences for a second. Here's a quick list of totally free software that you can connect your pc remotely from anywhere in the world.

1- Teamviewer: A very handy tool to take control of remote pc via internet. You even do not need to install it. Pretty simple. This one is best free remote connection tool for me. You can download Teamviewer from this link:

2- Gotomypc:
An other great software to connect to remote pc. It's very user friendly. You can download gotomypc from this link:

3- Symantec's Pcanywhere: An other tool to use your computer from remote location. It has many features as most of these software do. You can download pcanywhere from here:

4- Logmein.com: This one is sort of a web based remote control software. Free trial is possible
Here's the link though you can see it from the name itself:

5- Laplink: This one was actually very popular to connect two pc with a serial cable in the past. But they have managed to comply with the rest of the world and developed a web based interface. Here's the link:

6- RealVNC: This one is a serious alternative to other remote connection softwares. But it is not free for ever. Check the details from their website.

7 -Remotely Anywahere: An other familiar brand name for remote connection. Remotely Anywhere lets you use your pc at home while you are at work or reverse. Up to you. Check this link.

8- Showmypc.com: This one is very similar to TeamViewer. It lets you share your pc with a remote user. But it is not free for ever. However, usage is very easy and fast forward.

9- Windows Remote Connection: Last but not least is an other handy tool from Windows operating system itself. However whatever version you are using, it must be professional. It lets you to use your remote pc as if you are sitting in front of the keyboard. Sorry guys, no link this time.

10- And RIP Avalan's Remotely Possible:
Yes it was possible to use your pc from remote with remotely possible. But Computer Associates bought it and made it almost disappear from home users. It has become a free bonus or something for Ca customers under the name of ControlIT (Control It).

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