Nokia 3310: Blast from the past

This is a picture taken from an e-bay style site called sahibinden.com. Due to its uniqueness and stylish features, it has become a hit in a very short time. Since the features in the sale is not in English, I tried to translate them in here with my comments in parenthesis:

  1. 1996 model, full accessories (no doubt)
  2. 20.12 megapixel camera (Ad says: Medicine is not only evolving in USA - Means technology is not under USA's cartel) 
  3. 512MB SD memory (expandable - are you sure of that?)
  4. Bluetooth: Its range is awesome. Can work till to the point where you bought this piece of art (May stop working just at the time you enter to the territory of the seller)
  5. MP3, MP4, MP5, MP6, MP4564645 compatible, works with all formats (hell yes, Loved that idea)
  6. Sound system: **Couldn't translate this one**
  7. Can be used as a chock for your car's safety (Also seems to be a perfect match to my grandma's radio)
  8. Built in radio but earphone jack is not available (So you are on your own to solve this issue)
  9. Microsoft Windows compatible (WTF???)
  10. Don't get caught to the cops, you may be punished if you get caught using it while driving (Wish only cops could punish)
  11. Promotion: Free one glass of water with the purchase of this item to the buyer (It must be to calm the buyer down after the transaction)

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