IO and MN Appliance Rebate Program are promising a green future

Minnesota and Iowa Appliance Rebate programs have proved it wrong. We do care about our - pocket - world. Very first results have almost zero accomplishment but sometimes even the lowest number tells the whole story. Rebate programs aimed at pushing gren energy products to the masses that were planned to be take off back in 2009 have hit a milestone today. Both Iowans and Minnesotans woke up today to apply for their newer, greener energy efficient freezer or dishwasher or clothwasher or even refrigerator but it seems this public rush has to be delayed to a later morning.

Both hotlines and websites that were scheduled to go online today immediately showed red lights instead of green due to overwhelming applications. That’s a very rigid sign that with a little financial support, we do love to make shopping; no matter whether it is for going green or for renewing or appliances. Anyway, if you have somehow come to this page to find a bit of information about ongoing rebate programs, here is a short summary that I believe will help you:

For Minnesota Appliance Rebate Program
Toll free phone number 877-230-9119

You can buy with mn appliance rebate program:
1- Clothes washers ($200 rebate)
2- Dishwashers ($150 rebate)
3- Freezers ($100 with purchase and proof that their old unit has been taken off the grid; $50 for purchase only)
4- Refrigerators ($200 with purchase and proof that their old unit has been off the grid; $100 for purchase only) 

For Iowa Appliance Rebate Program:
Toll free phone number 877-267-7495

You can buy with io appliance rebate program::
1- Clothes Washer ($200 rebate)
2- Dishwasher ($200 or $250 rebate)
3- Refrigerator ($200 or $500 rebate)
4- Cooling ($100 or $200 rebate)
5- Heating ($150 - $400 rebate)
6- Hot Water Heaters ($100 - $200 rebate)

Io and Mn appliance rebate program is just a startof the bigger Picture worth of $350 million. All purchases need to be done through authorized sellers and with Visa prepaid card starting from 1st of March 2010. I will be watching these appliance trend programs and dive into them wihtout any hassle when they include iPad Tablet PCs too ;)

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