PSN and PS3 networks are down, what else were down in the past?

PSN or Play Station Network went down globally due to a glitch which affected all PS3 and PS2 owners but PS3 Slimmers were far beyond trouble according to Twitter tweats. Users were getting 8001050f error code message when they tried to connect to the world famous online network. This is not the only network suffering a connectivity glitch. Google's Gmail service was also suffered some sort of login errors just a couple of months ago and millions were affected by the couse. While PSN has been to undergo this, I've compiled a small list of major glitches of all times in the online history.
  • Twitter went down on 6th of August 2009
  • Google went down in 2004
  • CNN.com, Yahoo.com, Ebay.com went down on 6th of February 2000
  • Hotmail went down when Microsoft forgot to renew its passport.com domain in 1999

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