Microsoft says don't press F1 unless we tell you so

A recent bug found by a Polish researcher Maurycy Prodeus in Windows XP clearly indicates that, some sort of malicious codes may take control of Windows XP machines via Visual Basic or VB scripts when the F1 key is pressed. This action has the possibility to invoke .hlp file associated with the script. But the real story behind this bug may be as tricky as the bug. Here's why:

Since F1 is the universal key for calling “Help files” under any Windows family operating systems, hackers may prepare specially designed software codes asking users to press F1 fur further information.
Seems very risky and phishy. But luckily turnaround of this bug is only effective on Windows XP with Internet Explorer - IE 6, 7 and 8. So, if you are using Vista or fancy Windows 7, you are not at risk. What do all of these mean?
Well, you may call it just an other bug, rumor is rumor everywhere. It seems like this annoying bug is an other attempt for Microsoft for pushing its customers to a higher version. But surprisingly, latest estimates still favors Windows XP usage among experienced or old users. So my best guess is that, we will see several bugs aiming only Windows XP in the near future. Cause this is the only way to throw this oldy but goldy piece of software platform into ashes.

What if you're still using Windows XP with Internet Explorer? Answer is simple. Switch to Firefox or Chrome. And do not press F1 unless Microsoft provides a patch when you need to use Internet Explorer.

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