Top 10 lawsuits that included Apple in history

As Apple sues HTC news are rolling around the net, here you can find a top ten lawsuits that Apple was an actor both claiming patent infringements or being claimed to violate many. Also some wtf facts are in the list for your information.

  • Apple sued Microsoft numerously back in 90ies. Most famous lawsuit was based on Quicktime’s source codes. Parties didn’t settle, as well as there were hundreds of lawsuits. Result? Microsoft bought some shares of Apple to give some fresh cash to Apple.
  • Apple sued Cobalt claiming Cobalt’s Qube is a copy cat of Apple’s G4 Cube in 2000. Cobalt was purchased by Sun Microsystems.
  • Apple sues NYC, yes New York City municipality, New York’s Travel and Tourism Office claiming an ad campaign uses an image which resembled pretty much to company’s logo -> Green apple. Result: Case dismissed. Fruits do not mean to belong companies.
  • Creative sued Apple in 2006 on media player interface claiming Creative has the patents od media library or playlist scheme in mp3 players with $100 million. Result: Both parties settled and Creative began to manufacture iPod accessories. 
  • Cisco sued Apple in 2007 for Apple’s mythical device named iPhone, claiming Cisco has already a product patented and copyrighted as iPhone to be used in Voice over IP. Parties settled.
  • Nokia sued Apple claiming some smart phone patents were infringed by Apple in 2009.
  • Apple was sued by Apple Corps, which was Music Company of Beatles. In fact computer manufacturer had nothing to do with a music company unless it began to dive into music business with mp3-4 players and through iStore. Parties settled (Beatles believed to have got an other whooping $50 million apart from world wide sale rights).
  • Apple even sued his co-founder Steve Jobs. Yes it’s no joke. When Jobs was forced out of the company in 1985, he opted to co-found an other firm aiming at higher educational institutes but board of directors at Apple filed a lawsuit following his departure to put a hold on his future plans. This case was closed very soon after the application.
  • Apple sued a Canadian school - Victoria School of Business and Technology - for using a logo similar to Apple’s apple. Result? Victoria’s School is still running on its original apple logo. Hey back off. I mean the fruit, not the computer, macputer, mp3puter, smart phoneputer or appstoreputer giant’s logo.
  • This one is my best. Apple was sued over iPod’s music capability by a consumer who claimed to have lost some hearing ability in 2006. Result? I have no idea :)
AND here comes 2010. Apple sues one of its most bully competitor from Far East Asia, HTC claiming HTC infringed iPhone’s several patents including multi-touch features and interface.

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  1. They are also suing Woolworths Limited (Australian Supermarket Chain) over their "Fresh Green Leaf" logo. These little patent squabbles are getting very annoying.