Eric Schmidth is giving away his Ceo title to co-founder Larry Page, keeping himself only Chairman of Google

Eric Schmidth has posted only 5 blog posts so far via Official Google Blog pages. Or one may say he has contributed to blog world only 5 times. This last one is the sixth. The other 5 posts which are all posted by Eric Schmidth are as follows:

A different kind of company name 
This one was about April Fools Day joke and has been made online excatly on 1st of April 2010. Eric Schmidt, as Chairman and CEO of Topeko which was formerly known as Google, published this post to inform the world about Google's radical step for a name change. That was a kindly response to a Canadian city Topeko, whose mayor has announced that they would change their city's name to Google. Post is so serious but that seiousness is so funny as well.

Love and the Super Bowl 
An other Google blog message posted by Eric Schmidt was about a Google commercial aired during Superbowl on 7th of Februrary 2010. Post is short but neat. Schmidth told why they decided to air this video which was already online for more than 3 months via Youtube, during Superbowl. Just for the record, the Google commercial video is Parisian Love.

We've officially acquired DoubleClick 
On 11th of March in 2008, for the very first time ever, we, the net citicens saw a Google Blog post, posted by the chairman and CEO of Google, Erich Schmidt. It was good news for Google and strange news for other CEOs of Fortune 500. A CEO was saying they bought something.

A broadband catapult for America 
How can a CEO be boring? Just read that post, posted by Eric Schmidth, CEO of Google. This message was also from 2010, excatly was made online on 15th of March. There are several links in the message which seems as if it has been extensively structured and well outlined. But at the end of the day, who cares?

Cloud computing: the latest chapter in an epic journey 
Yes, now is the time for the real truth. This is by far the longest word count for a blog message posted by Eric Schmidth. Some may find it boring, some may say it sounds good. Cloud computing is not something suitable for everyday casual wear for geek users but it does have vital futuristic tech trends inside. It was posted on 10th of December, 2010.

To sum up, Eric Schmidth posted only 5 blog posts via Google Official Blog site. One from 2008 and 4 from 2010. His name was only CEO in some posts and Chairman and CEO in others. Even of them was showing him Chairman and CEO of Topeka, instead of Google (yup, April Fools day).

His last post, titled as An update from the Chairman as a CEO was published yesterday, for record, on 20th of January, 2010. He used only his name. No other titles were given, except the title of the blog post itself. According to this post which is really encouraging for his teammates, Eric Schmidth will be serving to Google as only chairman, leaving the CEO title to Larry Page, co-founder of Google. This change will take effect starting on 4th of April 2011.

We will see whether he will add several other posts to his account or not but it's crystall clear that, the new CEO of Google, Larry Page will have lot to say (ops.. write) in Google's official blog roll.

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