Here are some interesting brochure photos of Asus Wavi Xtion and Asus Xtion Pro

These photos have been distributed to audiences during CES 2011. But however, Asus Wavi Xtion and Asus Xtion Pro release date and price is still not officially announced as of January 2011. Take a look at these shots. Please not that, according to these publications now we can answer these questions:

What is Asus Wavi? It's name of the multimedia device which will probably be running Windows 7 with media center capabilities.

What is Asus Xtion? It's excatly the same device as Microsoft's Kinect, but with some changes. It has larger cameras to visualise the environment and sense the objects, such as you.
What is Asus Xtion Pro? It's the name of the development platform dedicated to developer who wish to produce some sort of software that can be run with Asus Wavi Xtion couple. And those developers will be able run to sell their software through some sort of application strore which is not yet known.

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