Kinemote is the prime reason for Primesense and Asus partnership in Wavi Xtion

As PrimeSense and Asus announced their partnership for Wavi Xtion and Xtion Pro, Kinemote deservers a second look to see the reason behind this deal. Kinemote is an open source tool that has been punched in with the help of Primesense to bring Kinect like sensing out of Xbox platform.

There has been plenty of Kinect hacks around for this brand new toy to be used as a separate instrument to sense 3D depths. But all of them did not pass through experimental phase. All you could say were just a whoooo after watching several Kinect hack videos.

But PrimeSense came to the rescue and gifted away some parts of Kinect source code for 3D sensing to the open source world. And Kinemote came to live.

But anyway, what does kinemote do at the end of the day? Well so far the best Kinect hack seems to be as Kinemote. It's a software layer in order to interpret hands movement into mouse gestures by using Kinect as a standalone sensing tool and a media center capanle PC. There need to be Boxee or XBMC installed prior to Kinect. You need to install several other drivers and software packages in order to run Kinect smoothly. All the instructions can be found via this official link for Kinemote:

And yes, if you have not seen what can Kinemote do before, here's its Youtube link.

As you can see, this combination of Kinect with a few software packages help you control your media center remotely without a remote. You will be de remote controller and will navigate inside your media center. Notice the gestures in the Youtube video? They are actullay interpreted to so called human interaction interface by sensing the area in real time. But how smooth and lack the lag? Wavi Xtion will prove it whether it's worth the shot or not.

Once more let me add this. Wavi Xtion features are to be announced in CES 2011. Wavi Xtion price and release date yet to be unknown. Best match is second quarter. Lets wait and see.

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