Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO will replace Kinect in PC platform powered by Asus and Primesense

Asus and PrimeSense teamed up for a new era for Kinect like sensing devices in order to bring some 3D sensing leisure to your living room with Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO. For your consideration, PrimeSense is the brutal sensing force behind Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing device for Xbox platform.

What will Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO be used for? Well, according to press release, they will totalyy change your way of navigating in front ot your big screen TV without using any remote controller. You will be the remote controller of your multimeda device. Yes, Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO will be used for entertainment purposes but as of now, there's no sign of gaming. Simply you will be navigating within your media center's content and applications remotely, using your hands (or perhaps body?).

Wavi Xtion and Xtion PRO release date and price will be announced in CES 2011. And probably those fancy new toys of human kind will be available in second quarter of 2011.

What does PrimeSense do in this cooperation? They are actually the driving steam in Kinect. They developed the technology and Microsoft used it as the first comer. Now, PrimeSense's Immersive Natural Interaction (what a holly word trio) will be outside of Kinect as a standalone solution.

According to PrimeSense and Asus, Wavi Xtion will be the name of the device, connecting PC platform with screens. And Xtion PRO will be a development platform for developers who wish to create their own gesture solutions for the masses. They will be allowed to sell their software to be used with Wavi Xtion. That sounds interesting.

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